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[Pinned] Make Sure to Join the Aftermath Discord

I want to let anyone know that does not know yet. On Aftermath our Discord is much more active than our Forums. If you use Discord and play on Aftermath but are not part of the Aftermath Discord, I highly recommend joining.All the staff are also a...
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[Pinned] Official Aftermath Discord Information

Here's a link to our official Discord for anyone wanting voice chat or a hub to talk to other players.
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Bug Reports

[Pinned] Current Known Bugs

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Server and Forum Rules

[Pinned] Aftermath Server, Forum & Discord Rules

Accounts• Aftermath allows 1 account per person with up to 5 characters on the account. 3 characters can be logged in at a time from the account. If more than one person will be playing from the same IP address. Aftermath staff MUST be notified. •...
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Bug Reports

[Pinned] [READ FIRST] Reporting Bugs

When reporting bugs, please provide as much information as possible using the following template. Please give as much information as possible when submitting a bug report. The more information you provide, the easier it is to fix. Before reporting...
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[Pinned] Aftermath Jedi Information

We know that some players will be interested in playing a Jedi character on Aftermath, so we wanted to provide a post that everyone can read. Within this post, we will detail our Jedi system and also provide some basic information about Jedi and h...
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+10 Def Vs KD CA looking for trade

Would like to trade my +10 def vs KD clothing attachment for a + 2h or Polearm SPEED CA. In game on Satia, Illum or Xafo or just find someone from VF. Thanks
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Technical Issues

New ISP Issues

Hello, We have moved into our new home and have a new ISP, Now we can not log on our toons at the same time, it keeps saying " you have reached the max number of toons for this account" same isp totally different computers, and accounts is there...
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Technical Issues

Can't Log In

I am stuck at the "Generating Terrain" stage of log-in. It sits there for 1-2 minutes, then dumps me back to the character selection screen.I have checked for launcher updates, and ran a full scan. All was good, including swgemu_login.cfgCan any...
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Patch Notes

08/08/2017 Aftermath 1.2.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Items[Changed]Players can no longer see the 'DEBUG' option on the radial menu of the Aurilian Plant.Bug Fixes[Fixed]The SKYNET message for when a neutral player is killed by a faction player no longer displays incorrectly.
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Patch Notes

08/03/2017 Aftermath 1.2 Patch Notes

Galactic Civil War [Added]GCW Reward Terminals are now available. These new terminals are placed in Coronet, Mos Eisley, Theed and The Dantooine Mining Outpost. While your faction controls the specific planet with each terminal on, you can spend a...
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How do Artisans actually start on this server?

On Aftermath my character has spawned without a mineral survey tool. That's at the root of all my needs! I spawned with 10K credits so I could buy a few units, but there aren't any minerals on the market. Have I forgotten something about startin...
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General Discussion

holocrons ?

were the best place to find them I cant remember were you loot them off either the rebels or the imperials
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Technical Issues

Log in Server

Log in server down? 7/25/17
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Wtb a few items

i am new to the server looking for a power hammer,vibro knuckler,1h sword,Lva Xos In game name
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Technical Issues

Tusken Rifles

Not sure if this is the right thread but going to throw it out there anyway, I was making Tusken Rifles last night and noticed on the rifles it said energy as the damage type, am i wrong in thinking it should be Kinetic for Tusken rifles or is tha...
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Patch Notes

07/21/2017 Aftermath 1.1.08 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi [Changed] [Nova Patch] Force healing refactored, now based on how much is healed and what negative effects are removed. [Changed] [Nova Patch] Jedi will no longer do less damage to LS vulnerable creatures/npcs once their armor is...
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Jedi Unlock Path

So far the path has been pretty standard for unlocking as far as we know. I thought I would make a post letting new players know what's been done. Holocrons seem to be the only way so far to check status of unlocking as shrines only have an examin...
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New Player Introductions

How do

Howdy! You know me :)I just found out there was some asteroid stike or something. Figured I would fly in and see how things are. Lot going on in Rl so will be in and out but looking forward to seeing some of you.
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Announcement Archive

Double XP Weekend Starting July 22nd

Hey everyone.Double XP will be enabled starting on Friday July 21st 8:35AM EST and last until Sunday July 23rd 10:30pm EST. The XP rates will be as follows:Combat: 3xCrafting: 6xJedi: 2xWe wish all players the best of luck with their grinds.-The A...
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