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• Aftermath allows 1 account per person with up to 5 characters on the account. 3 characters can be logged in at a time from the account. If more than one person will be playing from the same IP address. Aftermath staff MUST be notified.

• Aftermath does not support the sharing of accounts and any missing items or other discrepancies related to this will not be addressed or supported. If we find any unauthorised accounts, the risk is run of those accounts and characters being deleted permanently.

• Names of characters, items, structures, guilds, etc must not be profane or offensive. Violations of this policy, including play on words to get around the full vulgar word in question will have their character/guild/structure renamed to a randomly generated name. If you're questioning if the name is allowed, then chances are it is not. Do not run the risk.

• In-game exploits and 3rd Party programs are strictly prohibited. If you encounter an exploit please report it immediately. Violations of this policy will result in a permanent ban from Aftermath.

• Griefing or harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated on Aftermath. We accept the general definition of griefing to be “actions which impact the enjoyment of the game by others”. This includes clone camping, kill stealing and abusive behaviour. Incidents of griefing/harassment will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

• Due to Jedi TEF being implemented on the server, it is possible for a Jedi to abuse this to kill players who are not intending to engage in PvP (not killing GCW npcs and not attacking other players). If a Jedi is discovered to be engaging in this activity they risk having their Jedi character deleted.

• General chat should be kept “clean”. This means the use of vulgarity should be kept to a minimum. Racist, hateful, offensive, or otherwise intolerant speech will not be tolerated. Aftermath aims to be family-friendly and therefore public channels should be kept “PG”.

• Trash talk MUST be kept away from general and public world chats. PVP banter/trash talk can take place ONLY in the PvP game and discord channel, but it must be kept respectful at all times. Incidents will be handled on a case-by-case basis but repeated offenses or extreme personal attacks will be dealt with extremely harshly.

• General chat spam must be kept to an absolute minimum.

• Be respectful of the server and do not use in-game messages, Discord or mail to advertise other servers. Players advertising other servers will be permanently banned.

• Automatic macros need to be in 'Auction' chat tab and should be set to go off no more frequently than once per 30 minutes (1800 seconds).

Discord specific (all rules above still apply)
• Any trading related posts (selling, buying, price checking etc) are to be kept in the trade channel. Trade related posts made outside of the trade section have a chance of being deleted. If a user continues to break this rule multiple times they run the risk of being muted in Discord.

These rules may be amended as the server evolves.
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