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Patch Notes

08/08/2017 Aftermath 1.2.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Items[Changed]Players can no longer see the 'DEBUG' option on the radial menu of the Aurilian Plant.Bug Fixes[Fixed]The SKYNET message for when a neutral player is killed by a faction player no longer displays incorrectly.
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Patch Notes

08/03/2017 Aftermath 1.2 Patch Notes

Galactic Civil War [Added]GCW Reward Terminals are now available. These new terminals are placed in Coronet, Mos Eisley, Theed and The Dantooine Mining Outpost. While your faction controls the specific planet with each terminal on, you can spend a...
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Patch Notes

07/21/2017 Aftermath 1.1.08 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi [Changed] [Nova Patch] Force healing refactored, now based on how much is healed and what negative effects are removed. [Changed] [Nova Patch] Jedi will no longer do less damage to LS vulnerable creatures/npcs once their armor is...
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Patch Notes

07/16/2017 Aftermath 1.1.07 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi [Changed] Jedi XP loss upon cloning has been increased to 15% of their highest box cap up from 10%. [Changed] Jedi XP loss upon death to a Bounty Hunter with their mission up to 2.5x XP from 2x XP. [Changed] Increased Jedi XP los...
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Patch Notes

07/07/2017 Aftermath 1.1.06 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi[Added] Jedi Masters and Dark Jedi Masters can now acquire the 'Jedi Robe' and 'Dark Jedi Robe' by meditating at a Shrine. Which robe you receive is dependent on if you chose the dark or light side Jedi trees after the Padawan box.
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Patch Notes

07/04/2017 Aftermath 1.1.05 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi[Changed]Increased XP requirements for all boxes in the Jedi Master tree to the following: Guardian: 5m 1111: 1m 2222: 2m 3333: 3m 4444: 4m Master: 7m [Changed]Force Absorb 1 & 2 can no longer be used at the same time as Avoid...
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Patch Notes

06/30/2017 Aftermath 1.1.04 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi[Added]Jedi now have the option to clone at any Jedi Shrine for the planet they are on if they die. The Dark and Light Jedi Enclaves on Yavin 4 are also an option for FRS enabled Jedi.Professions: Politician[Changed]Increased amou...
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Patch Notes

06/27/2017 Aftermath 1.1.03 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Jedi [Changed] The default auto attack ability now grants Jedi visibility in the same way as any regular Lightsaber based attack. [Changed] Jedi visibility range has now increased from 32m to 70m Bug Fixes [Fixed] Jedi can now hit bac...
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Patch Notes

06/10/2017 Aftermath 1.1.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Loot [Added] Jedi Accuracy clothing and armor attachments to loot drops. These were added as Jedi in vanilla can suffer from a lot of accuracy issues. This small boost should help Jedi out without overpowering them. Terminals[Added] Level display...
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Patch Notes

05/30/2017 Aftermath 1.1.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Loot[Added] Yaw, Pitch and Roll commands in to help with decorating!
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Patch Notes

05/27/2017 Aftermath 1.1 Patch Notes

Professions: Creature Handler[Changed] Increased Creature Handler XP caps so they are 2x the box XP requirement.Professions: Entertainer[Changed] Increased duration cap on Entertainer buffs to 3h10m.Cities [Added] Two new dual spec city specializa...
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Patch Notes

04/30/2017 Aftermath 1.02 Hotfix Patch Notes

Bug Fixes[Fix] Null player object on faction object that was causing crashes.
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Patch Notes

04/24/2017 Aftermath 1.01 Hotfix Patch Notes

Professions: Entertainer[Reverted] Flourish action cost back to default to help with action burning. This also applies to Musician and Dancer.Missions[Added] Mission names and CL now display on the title of the mission.Characters[Changed] Characte...
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