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General Discussion

Pub 9

Will this server be adding the village with pub 9 or in the near future i can't seem to find any info on it or anyone who knows for sure ?
Small Suede 18h
Suede113Small Suede 18h
General Discussion

holocrons ?

were the best place to find them I cant remember were you loot them off either the rebels or the imperials
Member avatar small Morpheus420 34d
Morpheus4203198Member avatar small Morpheus420 28d
General Discussion

Multiple accounts

I just bought a new home and will be moving soon ( with in the month ), currently my wife and I have 2 seperate ISP in this home but will be gettng 1 cable connection once we move. How do we go about playing together once we have the same ISP but ...
Small Suede 76d
Suede2247Small cesta 76d
General Discussion

Double XP Weekend.

Thanks for the Double XP weekend, it helped things move along nicely and seeing alot more people every day.
Small Suede 86d
Suede3161Small Dirtnose 85d
General Discussion

Discord Community Voice Server

I was wondering if the admins would be willing to set up a community discord voice server for us to use? 😀
Member avatar small Aiyania 124d
Aiyania4228Small Dirtnose 96d
General Discussion

Server Suggestion Subforum?

Is there any place we can submit suggestions? I know you guys want to keep the server as vanilla as possible but I figure a few QoL changes would be nice. 1. Duel Spec City's - At master politician Awakening has enabled duel spec cities and it rea...
Small Saboteur 104d
Saboteur2161Small cesta 104d
General Discussion

What faction will you be playing's a poll to see who is playing what. Wouldn't want the two sides to be extremely unbalanced. EDIT: lol Just realized neutral wasn't really an option. Lets just say neutral is PVE/Dueling.
Small Saboteur 108d
Saboteur2242Small Toad 107d
General Discussion

Server status

Is there anyway you could add to either the forums/site here or the loader a server status display? would be cool and helpfull.
Small hayyt 116d
hayyt3199Small hayyt 116d
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