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New Player Introductions

Great Server

started in May but took a couple months off, such a great server to play on!
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wickedhangover2199Small Dirtnose 50d
New Player Introductions

How do

Howdy! You know me :)I just found out there was some asteroid stike or something. Figured I would fly in and see how things are. Lot going on in Rl so will be in and out but looking forward to seeing some of you.
Member avatar small Kumo 92d
Kumo4285Small Dirtnose 92d
New Player Introductions


hi guys, just started up on this server. Have not played swg in a long time. I was playing DAoC uthgard most oz in discord, and i have a soon-to-be ranger named safak, and a sampler with a random name i don't remember. i love the reso...
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GokWan2255Small Dirtnose 110d
New Player Introductions

Hello All

I played swg back in the day on a few different servers, join swgemu for a good while but quit back when they were have some severe memory leak issues.I was reading up on changes and stability when I saw a post about aftermath and figured I would ...
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New Player Introductions


I was a bria scrub at launch, but didn't last long after CU when my CH got nerfed. Just recently discovered the return of SWG through EMU and played there for a couple of weeks when I saw a post about aftermath. I love the idea of starting fresh a...
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KeramJusty6275Small Saboteur 127d
New Player Introductions


Hey all, I'm Remeku. I used to play on Tempest way back in the day and quit after the NGE. I've been watching SWGemu for a long time and tried it out a few years back, but it looks far more complete now... I'm looking forward to meeting you all. T...
Small remeku 134d
remeku5341Small Esme're 133d
New Player Introductions


Hello, long time SWG player/fan. Dropping in to check out the new server. Look forward seeing you all in game. Awesome Sauce in da house.
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AwesomeSauce4259Small Dirtnose 141d
New Player Introductions

new player

Greeting everyone, im a new player here and i'd like to say that this seems to be a great server, i look forward to seeing you all in game
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Devhawk5311Small Toad 143d
New Player Introductions

Hello! Population question

Heya New to your server, I have been reading over some rules and some settings you have and so far this is definetly the server with the setting types i have been looking for, I made a character and logged in a few times to game, but haven't seen ...
Small Suede 154d
Suede4417Small Dirtnose 149d
New Player Introductions


Joined last night. Names are Esme're and Dena'ra in game.I played a bit on Basilisk, saw the server listing forum and read up on a couple before landing here. I like the tweaks to the coding (especially the removal of ADKs, being a crafter!).I r...
Small Esme're 154d
Esme're1120Small Esme're 154d
New Player Introductions


Howdy All, Long time EMU player giving it another shot at the game that got me hooked on MMOs.You can find me on any of my sparkling ladies...Diamond, Ruby, Saphire (dammit, misspelled on creation), Kyber, or CuruscaSee ya around!
Small Toad 161d
Toad1172Small Toad 161d
New Player Introductions

Hidey Ho!

Hello! im looking forward to playing SWG again. I have been following swgemu since about when it started. I even setup a dev environment a long time ago. Not sure if i am planning to run the same setup from back when i played (ranger) to to try so...
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ditchbuster3269Small Dirtnose 169d
New Player Introductions


Names is James, but you can call me hayyt online I am cocet or ackock,I work nights in Montana (land of perpetual winter i swear) so will be on at odd times.
Small hayyt 172d
hayyt3244Small Dirtnose 171d
New Player Introductions

This server seems to be what I am looking for

My name is Joe, and all of my characters will have the surname Clivene, so you are welcome to refer to me by that. I really appreciate the guidelines you have created the server with, and hope to see it turn into a vibrant community. I have only b...
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RazielXSR2294Small Dirtnose 174d
New Player Introductions

Hello there

Hi, I'm Vyskan and I'm an altoholic.......oops, wrong forum.Seriously though I'm a white haired old bugger from the UK so I may only see some of you during the early part of your play sessions.I played on Ahazi and a couple of European servers bac...
Small Vyskan 175d
Vyskan2187Small Dirtnose 174d
New Player Introductions

All about me

Evening all,I am bastrd on discord and I go by other names in game. I won't post them here because I do like to play sometimes without being bombarded with questions! I am a 31 year old dude who has been in the US Navy for 12 years. I started p...
Small bastrd 177d
bastrd2185Member avatar small matthew2000uk 175d
New Player Introductions

New to server

Let me start, Thank you all for making a cool server. My name is Zies Bricl. I will become something!!!Some of you may know me, some will get to know me and others may wish not to know me but either way thank you and lets have some fun everyone!!
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matthew2000uk3251Small bastrd 177d
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