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+10 Def Vs KD CA looking for trade

Would like to trade my +10 def vs KD clothing attachment for a + 2h or Polearm SPEED CA. In game on Satia, Illum or Xafo or just find someone from VF. Thanks
Member avatar small Satia 5d
Satia133Member avatar small Satia 5d

Wtb a few items

i am new to the server looking for a power hammer,vibro knuckler,1h sword,Lva Xos In game name
Member avatar small Morpheus420 33d
Morpheus4205318Small Suede 28d

WTB T21 Enhanced

Looking for T21 rifle hit me up in game or on here with stats and or price.
Small Suede 68d
Suede2162Small Saboteur 68d

= SS = Armors at the FSN shop outside Kaadar

Bone Armor minis 50k78% Kin68% Elec58% Effect
Small Suede 68d
Suede170Small Suede 68d

= FSN Industries =

FSN opening a store in Kaadara 2kish SW across the bay from Kaadara, Speeders, Clothing, Droids, Droid accessories, Vehicle customization tools, Crafting tools, and more. Stop by if get a chance. Soon Stocking weapons and Armor.
Small Suede 70d
Suede182Small Suede 70d

Buff Bot

For any new players joining I run a buff bot in the CNet Starport. If your just starting out and are low on credits don't worry about tipping me. Happy hunting.
Small Saboteur 100d
Saboteur4209Small Dirtnose 98d

Ropa Armor, Clothing and Foods/Drinks

Hey guys.I have a vendor in Alexandria on Dantooine outside the Mining Outpost. Waypoint is -1852 1813. I have 80% Bone, Composite and Ithorian minis for sale. I also have 4 Socketed clothing, Bio Engineered clothing, foods and drinks.Smith is als...
Member avatar small Ropa 119d
Ropa3296Member avatar small Ropa 103d

WTB Caho Lokian Avain Meat

Hi all I need 20k of the Lokian Avain Meat named Caho, willing to pay 5cpu, its a easy resource Perlek drop lots of it if you have the skillsTotal contract value 100kPlease say here that you are will to accept contract so I don't get people wastin...
Member avatar small matthew2000uk 113d
matthew2000uk1154Member avatar small matthew2000uk 113d
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