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[Pinned] Aftermath Jedi Information

We know that some players will be interested in playing a Jedi character on Aftermath, so we wanted to provide a post that everyone can read. Within this post, we will detail our Jedi system and also provide some basic information about Jedi and h...
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Dirtnose1685Small Dirtnose 184d

Jedi Unlock Path

So far the path has been pretty standard for unlocking as far as we know. I thought I would make a post letting new players know what's been done. Holocrons seem to be the only way so far to check status of unlocking as shrines only have an examin...
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Saboteur7999Small Vyskan 38d

Lightsaber Crafting

Will lightsaber crafting require the same vanilla resources?
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Saboteur2295Small Dirtnose 168d

JEDI Question

OK there has been questions asked in server I want to bring up for clarification, All Jedi will have the same skill set and in FRS the bonuses for light side and dark side are the same? or does 1 side get more powers other side get more heals?Peop...
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