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[Pinned] Current Known Bugs

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Bug Reports

[Pinned] [READ FIRST] Reporting Bugs

When reporting bugs, please provide as much information as possible using the following template. Please give as much information as possible when submitting a bug report. The more information you provide, the easier it is to fix. Before reporting...
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Dirtnose1137Small Dirtnose 184d
Bug Reports

Meditation not working..or is it?

So, with novice TK, this guide says i should be able to meditate poisons away, but I can't. The Meditation line allows a TKA to do all sorts of useful things that basically make them a mini-doctor. At each level of meditation you can do certain th...
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Bug Reports

[Resolved] CH Exp

Not really a bug, but a suggestion.Currently, I'm 1-1-1-1 CH, grinding away. But my exp cap is 60,000. I need 50000 for the level 2 blocks. Is there any way you can increase the exp cap to be 2x the box requirement?
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Bug Reports

[Resolved] Weaponsmith Recipes

trained up to master melee and missing patterns for 2-h melee above two headed axe.
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Bug Reports

[Resolved] Bike bug

On dantoine, when group members get on there mounts the vanish, nothing on map or radar. then when they dismount the instant appear. is it just i'm desynced or more
Member avatar small matthew2000uk 175d
matthew2000uk4272Small bastrd 174d
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