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Technical Issues

New ISP Issues

Hello, We have moved into our new home and have a new ISP, Now we can not log on our toons at the same time, it keeps saying " you have reached the max number of toons for this account" same isp totally different computers, and accounts is there...
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Suede4233Small Toad 61d
Technical Issues

Can't Log In

I am stuck at the "Generating Terrain" stage of log-in. It sits there for 1-2 minutes, then dumps me back to the character selection screen.I have checked for launcher updates, and ran a full scan. All was good, including swgemu_login.cfgCan any...
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devApe9340Small Dirtnose 64d
Technical Issues

Log in Server

Log in server down? 7/25/17
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Technical Issues

Tusken Rifles

Not sure if this is the right thread but going to throw it out there anyway, I was making Tusken Rifles last night and noticed on the rifles it said energy as the damage type, am i wrong in thinking it should be Kinetic for Tusken rifles or is tha...
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Technical Issues

64 bit launcher

Is there a 32 bit version of the launcher? I have a laptop with WinXP 32 bit, can't run the launcher on it
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Technical Issues

[Resolved] Dark / grey screen

I could use some assistance... I am able to get into the game but 99% of the time it is grey and almost black. then I will all of a sudden turn and all colors are there and the game looks normal. I have played with all controls and setting even ...
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Technical Issues

[Resolved] Can't launch the program

Any advice?
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Technical Issues

[Resolved] Unable to log in to server

I have created both a game account and a forum account. When I launch the game it tells me Automatic Registration is Disable and to use the register function on the launchpad. When I do, I'm back to the same login screen I used to create my game...
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