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GCW Changes and Additions Coming to Aftermath

Dirtnose / Aug 02, 2017
Hey everyone.

We want to update you on a new system we have coming for Aftermath involving 'GCW Reward Terminals'.

GCW Reward Terminals can be used by players who have acquired a new type of XP (Imperial and Rebel GCW Currency) we are introducing into the game. This XP is gained by deathblowing a player opponent of the opposite faction in PvP.

With the XP in hand, you can visit one of four terminals placed in the world (Theed, Coronet, Mos Eisley and the Dantooine Mining Outpost). To spend your XP on loot rolls from different bosses. However, you can only spend your XP IF your faction controls the planet you are trying to spend it on.

The loot rolls themselves are of the same power level as rolls from actually killing the bosses. We believe this keeps the system fair and just like the PvE rolls, you'll need some luck to get something good. The cost of these rolls can be adjusted in the future depending how much PvP is happening.

With these changes, we believe PvP has even more meaning than usual, placing bases will now be key to controlling a Planet and we look forward to seeing what players get from the new terminals after they have earned themselves some PvP kills!

The location for the terminals are as follows:

Tatooine, Mos Eisley: 3533 -4811
Corellia, Coronet: -141 -4663
Naboo, Theed: -4794 4117
Dant Mining: -645 2446

Gospel, one of our players made a great video that you can check out if you want to learn more about the new system.

-The Aftermath Team.



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