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About Us
About Aftermath

Hello and thank you for your interest in Aftermath! Aftermath is a Jedi enabled Star Wars Galaxies Emulator server ran by experienced members of the SWGEmu community.

To start with, our main goal for Aftermath is to keep the vanilla Pre-CU we all love and enjoy playing in tact, while also making small changes that add to the Pre-CU experience without significantly changing it. When we made changes, we would only proceed on a change if the proposed change:

1. Lead to a healthier and more balanced game.
2. Kept the feeling and core of Pre-CU and vanilla SWG in tact.
3. Was able to be implemented without breaking something else.

Following these guidelines, we are happy with what has been modified and believe it will bring a better gameplay experience to all players and professions. We want players to be sure that any changes or modifications made will only be introduced if they fit in with the core of Pre-CU SWG. We will never alter the core Pre-CU experience.

Our second goal for Aftermath is allow for a server where players can be confident that the server will be stable, never have intentions to wipe and be around for a very long time. Aftermath will also have daily backups to assure that no significant progress is ever lost.

Barring special cosmetic only rewards via server events, nothing will be given away on Aftermath. Players will have to earn everything they want or need. We believe that when players earn everything it leads to a better, fulfilling and more balanced experience.

We hope this gives you a little more information on the Aftermath server and our goals for the server. For a full documented list of our changes, please refer to this forum post.

We hope you enjoy your stay on Aftermath, may the force be with you!